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0.4.1 (2019-02-10)

  • When ipa.cfg is not found, print a friendly link to the new FAQ page. This is the most common setup issue.
  • WordPress plugin:
    • Provide PHP 7 compatibility.
    • Added a default value for the date selector.
    • Renamed “default” parameter previously used for period selector. There’s now default_period and default_date.

0.4.0 (2017-11-22)

  • Fixed spin.js failure breaking entire web view :-[
  • End date can be specified.
  • Duration can be specified for individual charts.
  • Add new return value 103 to restart client.
  • Various fixes.

0.3.2 (2016-05-21)

  • Fix PHP 5.3 incompatibility.

0.3.1 (2016-05-05)

  • Fix bug in parsing of duration string.

0.3.0 (2016-05-04)

  • Support for 32 bit PHP versions (e.g. on the Pi itself).
  • Add pruning of database and log files.
  • Add demo mode.
  • Remove redundant upload_(url|username|password) config parameters.
  • Add JavaScript spinner to indicate that data is loading.
  • Support human readable times like “1h30m” in period selection.
  • Added option “hideok” for status display.
  • Switch from GPIO.BOARD notation to GPIO.BCM because that seems to be more popular.
  • Add to terminate running application.
  • Detect invalid URL passed to, rather than trying to unzip the 404 text.
  • Many small fixes and improvements.

0.2.1 (2015-10-18)

  • Check server¬†environment and print error messages (PHP version etc.).
  • Fix: Client crashed when spidev was not installed.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.

0.2.0 (2015-10-16)

  • Added temperature and humidity sensor support (DHT22).
  • Added ADC support for measuring voltage (MCP3008).
  • Added pilot count feature (using buttons connected to GPIO).
  • Bug fixes.

0.1.1 (2015-03-22)

  • Show a message when data is stale.
  • Show a message when no data is available (new installation).
  • Enable CORS.

0.1.0 (2015-03-18)

initial release

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